Saturday, May 8, 2010

At Last we have New Window Panes

For the last ten months we've become increasingly irritated with the delay in replacing our sand blast damaged window panes, not least because there seemed to be no reason for the delay.

Monsieur B told us the panes were ready last October. 

Our builder's insurer seemed to have agreed to pay for the damage months ago.

And still nothing happened, despite visits, phone calls and letters.

But finally, after another round of slightly bad tempered communication, Monsieur B and his team arrived, worked steadily and in a day replaced every single one of the eighty-two panes in the cottage windows and doors.

Well, not quite.  By five o'clock they discovered they were short of one set of panes - for the lounge french window.  So the removed (now cracked) panes had to be put back and they promised to return in a couple of weeks to complete the job.  Smiles and hand shakes all round.

After they've gone, we shrug and say: "C'est Monsieur B."



Diane said...

Just found you and read your blog. What a great project! The cottage is stunning. xxx

Terry said...

Having broken window panes could bring bad luck according to some cultures. Even though it has no scientific significance, you should not keep broken window panes. It can be dangerous if you have kids at home, and also, it would mar the beauty of your home's facade. It's a good thing that you already had it repaired.